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Truth revealed.

I've told you before, you shouldn't have to pretend like you are not doing any mistakes.
I knw you better, 3 years not  a shorter period of time to knw you better :)
I can feel every single thing which is seems so new and different to ME.
why so hard admitting yr mistakes? Why? Why so much excuses you spit out from yr mouth rather thn the truth in one sentence. WHY? 

did you ever knw how my feeling like?
Sometimes, i asked myself, why u did this to me. why? why? kau ambil masa yang lama untuk kenal aku. dan akhir dalam keadaan bgni. Kenapa bah? kenapa? kau jawab aku. kenapa?? Tiga tahun kita sama-sama. Then skrg kau abaikan bgtu ja, masuk matrik, pilih dorg, get knw them, nda smpi stahun kau kenal dorg, dan kau jauh lebih memilih dia . Semoga kau bahagia. :)
And jangan pernah menyesal lepas ini :) 


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