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The Reasons.

"Forgetting is not as easisest you think"
Letting go is not the simple task tht you might done.
Then wait..  for all this while , theres must be something tht i couldn't understand why i cnt get everything tht i want so bad. Theres the reason why.. Husnudzon dwi, mun smua yg ktk mauk ktk dapat dgn snang-snangnya, thn wht means life for? Nbdy will put their effort at everything they did. Tiadalah org yg kita nmpak berusaha siang-malam, yg tggl hanyalah org yg duduk bersenang-lenang dan bermimpi indah2.Theres nothing inside their head bah. Semua pun dorg dpt achieve mun cmtok kan? HAHA. 

So bear in mind that tiada bnda bah yg snang without high quality of EFFORT. 

here it go, bukan apa. hari demi hari yg ku lalui seakan akan penuh berliku dan berduri HAHAHAHA. kelas mula pagi,hbisnya ptg,Malamnya buat HW,buat denda,buat ni itu ni itu. sik ckup rhat kmk tok :( Penat, Penat, Penat. mujurlah, wifi dan laptop mmberi kerjasama :P hahaha bleh online suka hati instead of Mengestresskan kepala hotak. Tapi risau, im nt gud at all. I feel so nervous when it comes to EXAM,QUIZ.QUESTIONSSSS. like nothing to do at all ba, mcm ndak bljr jak d kelas hahahaha stupid!

Tbh, i miss the old me. if i have the chance to become exactly THE OLD ME ,the person who know how to differentiate the time to their right places arghhhh. The one who know when to talk, when to silent.I just miss the old me. Nowadays, i feel like i hve using my mouth MORE THAN I SHOULD USE bah. So many laugh,play,when  it comes to the serious thing then i feel so awkward just like never used to it. PABO. this is the rank and the level where my stupidity reveal itself in term of "DWI YANTI BINTI ASWAN" HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Theres so much thing where i dont feel any satisfaction bah. bnyak bnda yg sy mau ckp. bnyak prkara yg nda hbis bermain d fikiran sy niiiiii. bnyk nda mmpu sy ungkapkan. nda mampu. hahahaha, 

ahh lupakan :) angin, smpikan kepada bestfriend sya, ah i mean tht two person who i ever knw since i was at primary. I miss them. And for you~ may Allah blessed. You might happy with yr life now isn't? Good then. It is wht supposed to. Thanks. 

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